TCR20 - Target Runner on Rope

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The TCR20 target system for Air Rifle, Air Pistol or Crossbow


TCR20 · Illustration



  • The TCR20L is an automatic Target Cable Runner System for air pistol and air rifle or alternatively for crossbow. It stops automatically at its end point.
  • The target carriage can be stopped at any position during forward or backward transport.


  • 10m indoor target system with hauling cable and carrying ropes
  • Electronically controlled by a microprocessor
  • Driven by a brushless DC motor
  • Direction can be choosen by tap switch and pressure controls the transportation speed
  • Usage even possible when wearing shooting gloves
  • Intermediate stops
  • Auto-Stop at the end points
  • DIY assembly
  • System is kept free of vibrations in the STOP position at the bullet trap
  • Long-lasting, no wear, maintenance-free
  • 24V external power supply
  • All parts are made from solid metal and are maintenance free
  • Silent target carriage made from anodized aluminum
  • Target mirror held by V2A wires
  • All ropes are made of perlon / can be manually tightened to the endpoints
  • Deflection roller has a ball bearing and is made of brass

Additional Equipment

  • Expansion kit for 15m distancel
  • Rewinder for the ropes


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