PA25 - Turning-Target-Machine

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The PA25 is a Turning-Target-Machine designed for all disciplines of match-shooting with sporting guns.

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Duellanlage PA25


  • The PA25 is a Turning-Target-Machine designed for all disciplines of match-shooting with sporting guns.
  • This device is specifically designed for reaction shooting in indoor shooting ranges. The 90° turning target mechanism presents the target silhouette or edge (neutral) side of a target board.
  • The system consists in its standard configuration of the following main components:
    • 1 turning mechanism for 4, 5 or 6 targets inclusive target boards
    • 1 control unit
    • 1 control cable approx. 33m long
    • 1 remote control
  • The easy to use control system PA25TC contains the full range of time programs of the 25m distance range according to the UIT regulations. In addition to those programs a program for training and combat with freely selectable times is included. It is possible to run the UIT-programs permanently. All times are shown on the display and run backwards when the program is in progress. The shooter has the perfect control about his remaining shooting-time.
  • The controls are self-explanatory.
  • A simple control system PA25ST is also available.
  • To enable the shooter to start a program from his position, a remote control with a range of 50m can be purchased.
  • The control unit works with a 230 V/50 Hz power supply. A 33 meters long control cable connects the control unit and the turning device.
  • The drive uses a three-phase AC motor with frequency converter and a power of 0.37 kW. The connection cable of the 230 V supply has a length of 3 meters.
  • The frame and the moving parts are manufactured from solid steel. The frame is a solid welded construction made from a tube 80x80x4 mm. It will be bolted on a flat surface (for example foundation).
  • The targets can be easily fixed on the carriers that are made of foamed structure.
  • The use of finest materials ensures long-lasting and robust operational equipment capability. The design assures outstanding performance and usability.


  • Turning-Target-Machine for reaction shooting
  • Controlled by microprocessor
  • Quick, precise and reliable
  • Stationary version & moving version on rails available
  • Portable & remoteable control unit (PA25TC)
  • Trouble-free functionality
  • Stable and steadfast Frame
  • Ball-bearing target holders


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