ORT Advanced - Overhead Retrievable Target System

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ORT Advanced - Overhead Retrievable Target System

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ORT Basic Overhead Retrievable Target System


  • The Overhead Retrievable Reaction Target systems are specifically designed for dynamic and scalable training in indoor shooting ranges. The ORT was developed to meet the demands of military and civilian government shooters.


  • The ceiling mounted rails made from galvanized steel guide the target trolley and the mounted target mechanism from the shooter’s position to the selected firing position and back.
  • The easy to maintain system consists in its standard configuration of the following main components: Target trolley with the target holder, Drive Unit & Rail system, Lane Target Controller.
  • The targets can be controlled manually by a control panel that is installed at each firing lane.
  • This lane target controller enables communication and immediate feedback to the target drive.
  • The controller can be programmed to stop the target trolley at different firing distances.
  • The use of finest materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel ensures long-lasting and robust operational equipment capability. The design assures outstanding performance and usability.
  • The electrically powered ORT is an energy efficient system to move the trolley at variable speeds and directions on the rail system of variable length.

Additional Equipment

  • A ORT target system can support training at varying shooting distances while simultaneously a 180° turning target mechanism presents the friend or foe side of a target board. The target silhouette can be turned from the position Neutral to the position Target Side One or Target Side Two, which correspond to the Friend side or Foe side. The silhouette can be turned on any position on the track. It enables not only the training of shooting but trains the shooter in the skills of decision making: Shoot or Don’t Shoot.
  • The target is equipped with a hit counter that counts all mechanical hits on the target board by an incoming projectile. The sensor records the hits of all calibers of live-fire ammunition.
  • ORTs can be equipped with target illumination units. Several options for the installed multifunction light source enable to illuminate the target with different colors and to simulate different light conditions and effects such a flashlight or police light.


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