TCR - Target Runner on Ropes

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TCR - Target Runner on Ropes


TCR · Illustration



  • The TCR40 is a suitable for large and small caliber, automatic plate transport system. The system includes a target carriage which is moved by a drive unit via a carrying cable construction. The plant has a track width of 400 mm.
  • The speed is controlled automatically. At the end points (start and end) the speed of the system is slowed down. After reaching


  • The TCR80 has the same properties as the TCR. The track width is 800 mm.


  • For Big bore and Small bore
  • Different distances: 25 m, 50 m, 100 m
  • Intermediate stops at any distance available
  • Assembly in various positions, on floor, to a wall or overhead installation, Easy installation
  • Microprocessor controlled positioning
  • Automatic self-initialisation
  • Easy connection by 230V safety plug
  • Rope tensioner : Simple rope tension
  • Driving unit with control unit installed on a solid steel plate, wiring of motor and control system ready for installation, easy installation with 4 fixing screws required at start and end of the track
  • Trolley made of steel ST37, galvanized, runs on 8 non-abrasive rolls with ball bearings
  • Galvanized steel ropes, suspension ropes additionally covered with plastic, diameter 6 mm
  • All steel parts are galvanized
  • Silent operation
  • Maintenance-free


  • Ready-to- go motor plate, trolley, fork with pulley, guide rope and transport rope
  • At a distance of 100m, an overflow is included in delivery.


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