MT50 - Moving Target with RLS-A

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MT50 - Moving Target with RLS-A


MT50 - Picture

Moving Target with RLS-A


  • The MT50 is a moving target system for the disciplines „Running boar“ and „Running target“. It can also be used to train security and police forces. The automatic scoring system omits the need for repeated access to the target area for the retrieval of information.
  • Due to the non-contact hit detection (not suitable for small arms) low operating costs are achieved. Used target silhouettes are no longer needed to be replaced. Covering the holes on the silhouettes caused by projectiles is unnecessary.
  • Shooting results are displayed directly on the monitor or on a Tablet PC. Misses near the target can also be detected and displayed, which leads to a considerable added value in error analysis. This results in a higher effciency of the system.


  • Training and Zeroing System for precision shooting
  • Effcient and safe scoring
  • Automatic scoring system with exeptional accuracy
  • Immediate feedback of the position of the hit on the target
  • Time and effort saving
  • Data Communication via LAN. WiFi possible
  • Connection to trolley via chain system (data communication & power via wiring) or battery- and radio controlled (via WiFi) possible
  • Remote start with open connector (handswitch, feetswitch, light barrier)
  • Microprocessor controlled positioning
  • Automatic self-initialisation
  • Contactless reference sensor
  • Speed setting: 1-3m/s in 0,01m/s steps
  • Inverter powered 250W three-phase motor
  • Easy connection by 230V safety plug
  • Rope tensioner : Simple rope tension
  • Short rail segments for easy transport
  • Driving unit with control unit installed on a solid steel plate, wiring of motor and control system ready for installation
  • Galvanized steel ropes
  • All steel parts are galvanized or made from aluminum
  • Silent operation
  • Maintenance-free


  • Complete System with all installation and electrical parts, like motor box, trolley, energy supply chain, rails and measurement system.


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