INTARSO GmbH · Intelligent Target Solution

- formerly Häring Schießsportanlagenbau GmbH -


Innovation through Competence - For your Success!

Intarso „INtelligent TARget SOlutions“ stands for technical progress through quality and innovation.

We fall back on long-standing experience of more than 80 years in engineering and the production of shooting range equipment.

All rights and obligations of the former Häring Schießsportanlagenbau GmbH are held by INTARSO.

Due to the direct access to well-trained and experienced engineers, available from our company network, we are always able to redesign and adapt our products to meet today‘s technical and quality requirements. Our well-known systems, redesigned and with new features, will inspire and convince you.

In addition to our of-the-shelf systems, we can design tailor made solutions according to your requirements and assist you with expert knowledge to maximize efficiency and the lifespan of your shooting equipment.

Our in-house manufacturing facility ensures systems with consistent quality.

That is what we stand for - give us a try!

For distances between 10 m to 1,200 m, we supply

  • Electronic Marking Targets
  • Cable and battery powered moving targets systems
  • Turning & Precision Targets
  • Pop-up target systems
  • Hunting targets and targets for Law Enforcement
  • Tailor-made Solutions